Saturday, April 16, 2011

Entry #3

Read about German Expressionism in Chapter 7, study the Expressionistic sculptures featured on pages 152 & 153.

Choose one sculpture that possesses Expressionistic qualities.

Identify the sculpture’s title and artist.

Georg Kolbe
Junge Frau (Young Woman), bronze, 1926

Discuss: What specific emotion or psychological state does your chosen sculpture convey and how, specifically, does the artist express this feeling? Consider medium, size, proportions, texture, line, posture, etc.

I believe Kolbe's Junge Frau (Young Woman) conveys vulnerability, humility, and submissiveness. Koble has positioned the young woman with arms down and head to the side looking over her shoulder, eyes cast down. One hand is turned slightly outward toward the viewer which makes me think that she is pleading with the viewer. Does she want the view to stop gazing upon her? or does she want something more esoteric? Maybe answers to life's unknown questions or a look into her future?

The size of the sculpture as a whole is surprisingly diminutive which adds to the emotional vulnerability of the piece, although the young woman's torso and legs appear to be muscular and strong which creates a kind of tension in what I imagine is the story of the young woman: the strength of her body juxtaposed with the humility of her posture. The slightly lumpy texture of the young woman's skin creates further tension within the piece - tension between youth and maturity; refinement and simplicity.

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