Monday, August 29, 2011

Entry #10

Tour the Dicke Wing of American Art at the D.A.I. Select on work of modern art to analyze closely. Based on your studies this quarter, write a through essay in which you address the following:
  • Identify your chosen work's title, artist, date, medium approximate dimensions, and acquisition date.
  • Identify the style or art historical movement that the work is associated with (EX: early 20th etc.) century realism, minimalism, conceptual art, found art, geometric abstraction,
  • Describe in detail how the compositional elements "fit in" with the movement or style you have used to "label" this work. Use correct terminology that you have learned this quarter.

I had not been to the Dayton Art Institute for several years. This assignment reminded me what an awesome asset DAI is to the Miami Valley. I was pleasantly reminded as to why I should visit DAI more often as the art is beautiful and informative at the same time. As a relatively small institution DAI provides a wide variety of art to explore and learn about.

I chose a work by Joan Mitchell. The work is called Untitled c. 1961.Located in the first gallery of the Dicke Wing of American Art, Untitled is oil on canvas. Mitchell, was a well-known abstract impressionist. She was was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1925 and died in Paris, France, in 1992 and used nature and other landscapes as inspiration for her work.

Untitled is a reflection of abstract expressionist art. The colors that Mitchell used are natural colors that we see within nature. She blended several different greens together and used similar technique with browns, blues and grays.

This piece reminded me of Jackson Pollock, in the strokes and then how the paint was distributed in his natural pattern. The artist used heavy brush strokes then allowed for a thinner, water based stroke to occur, and fall naturally.

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