Monday, August 29, 2011

Entry #8

  • Study Andy Warhol's 210 Coca Cola Bottles and Marilyn Monroe. Why are these works considered to be an example of Pop Art?
  • How does Warhol incorporate the ideas of mechanization and industrialization into each work?
  • If Warhol were alive today, what kinds of subjects do you think he would depict in his art? Explain.

Warhol’s 210 Coca Cola and Marilyn Monroe are considered pop art because they are a reflection of the modern culture of that time. Warhol recreates how a product is manufactured and that we are lined up like are part of the masses. In the reading, it is stated that Warhol is showing representation of the coke product on a supermarket shelf - all in a line...mass produced. Warhol is commenting on popular culture which is turning human beings into mass produced enties, much like Coca Cola bottles, who look alike and have each have a glassy exterior to keeps our sticky, messy human-ness safely bottled up inside.

mechanizes and industrializes Marilyn Monroe by taking manipulating her likeness in a way that removes her humanness. He turns her into a comic book character which is a statement on what media and popular culture does to celebrities.

If Warhol were alive today I think politicians might be a focus of his work because they make laws and act ways that seem to be devoid of originality and humanness.

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